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  1. Sep 01,  · In Hawaii, the term “aloha” means more than just hello. It is used to express love and caring for another, but it is also a way of life with being respectful to others and the island’s environment. Some locations make it easier to balance work and play.
  2. Jun 08,  · "Aloha is about acknowledging time, space, and relationship within your community," Embernate said. You can use aloha to send out kindness, Author: Julia Warren.
  3. Nov 12,  · Aloha Lyrics: Whoa, Kenny / Aloha, ah, yes, yes (Whoa, what?) / I smoke gas (What?), no stress, yes / Swajjur cross my chest (Do it), yes (Yeah) / I just broke her neck, yes (Yah, yah) / Just.
  4. Dec 20,  · Aloha from the Big Island. I am new to any kind of forums but this site seems so friendly that I have decided to give it a go and say hi. I live in a rainforest area of the Island, sometimes with my husband who is a sailor and therefore is gone a lot. So usually it's just me, 2 roosters (one.
  5. Our company mantra, "It's not just love, it's a lifestyle", honors that even though the word Aloha can be used to say Hello, Goodbye and to express Love, it is also a way to live your life daily. Making sure your actions are rooted in love, taking care of the 'aina and treating all people with respect are just some of the ways to exemplify Aloha.
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  7. Aug 10,  · Here’s how you say hello in Hawaiian and do basic Hawaiian greetings. 1. Hello – Aloha. 2. Hi – howzit. This is a bonus phrase and is Hawaiian pidgin slang. It has a bunch if meanings. You can use it to say “hi,” “hello,” “What’s up?” or “How are you?” 4. Good morning – Aloha kakahiaka. 5. Good afternoon – Aloha ʻauinalā. 6.

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